This is why your book isn't published yet...

Why do you think most writers fail to publish their book, even though they’ve wanted to forever?

Because writing and self-publishing your book with confidence is tough to do. Period.

Writing a book is one thing, it’s a whole other thing to get it properly edited, write a blurb, find a book designer, decide whether to go wide or let Amazon call all the shots, build a website (yes, you do need one), cultivate a readership and newsletter list, and get your book front and center and selling without paying for ads (hello newsletters!).

Without a clear plan or the expertise to decide what’s best for your book baby (because no one wants to release a book and watch it disappear into Amazon’s basement), writers can feel lost and unsure of how to move forward.

So your book gathers digital dust and your dream of publishing remains just that…a dream.

    With LitLaunch, you'll hone your manuscript, build a strong author platform, generate real interest in your book, and successfully launch and reach a wide audience of readers eager to hear your story.

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    Go From Book Dream To Published Reality

    We’ll guide you and keep you accountable and on track until your book is published and selling - even if you’ve tried and failed before.

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    Who we are, and what we have to offer you and your book baby…

    Our expertise means you’ll enjoy white-glove service tailored to both your book’s specific needs and your author goals.

    Editing, Interior Print Design, & Publishing - E A Carter

    E A Carter brings a wealth of writing, editing, and self-publishing experience to the team. A fiercely independent author, she believes indies enjoy a far better quality of life when they are in control of their story, cover design, and marketing.

    For two years before she self-published her first book, she worked through three major structural edits with her professional editor and mentor, Katherine Stansfield who’s also an award-winning author, Royal Literary Fellow and poetess signed at the same London agency as Kazuo Ishiguro.

    Since 2017, E A continued to work with Katherine and self-published four more books, each winning book awards from top Indie contests like the Writer’s Digest Self-Published ebook Awards. Her experience in designing her own interior print and ebook templates means no detail is overlooked, and readers often are surprised to learn her books are not published by a traditional publisher.

    She has been featured in Female First magazine for her book The Lost Letters, in Writer’s Digest for I, Cassandra and interviewed as an up-and-coming sci-fi author to watch by Savage Planets Magazine who feature interviews with sci-fi greats like Andy Weir and Greg Bear.

    E A Carter is proud to be a Partner Member of Alliance of Independent Authors.

    Brand, Marketing, & Launch Strategist - Laurie Wright

    Laurie's remarkable expertise in children's literature has garnered widespread recognition. Her books, published since 2016, have captured the hearts of readers worldwide, with traditional publishing deals secured in 7 countries.

    Beyond writing, Laurie's true passion lies in marketing and teaching. She mentors fellow authors, guiding them in effectively promoting and selling their books.

    Laurie's expertise has been featured on podcasts like the Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing podcast, the Self Publishing Show, and the Marketing Study Lab podcast. She has also been a sought-after speaker at various summits, sharing her knowledge with aspiring and struggling authors.

    Through her mentorship, Laurie equips authors with practical strategies to reach their target audience and boost book sales. Her guidance instills confidence and empowers writers to build successful careers.

    Book Cover Design - Mila Book Covers

    Mila is a freelance book cover designer who has been designing book covers for 9 years, working for various independent publishers and authors from all over the world. She has worked on a wide range of projects, and her work covers almost all genres from fiction to non-fiction.

    Bespoke Cover Design - Dream Carver Studio

    Hugo Award nominated award-winning artist, Michal Karcz’s clients include Cormac McCarthy, and Kim Stanley Robinson, as well as trade publishers' reprints of novels by Arthur C. Clarke and Ursula K. LeGuin. Michal specializes in Sci-Fi and Fantasy artwork.

    Get Your Book LitLaunched

    What are the steps to getting my book LitLaunched?

    1. Click any of the buttons on this page or here
    2. Complete the multiple choice answers to help us understand the obstacles you face and what you want most from LitLaunch (so we can give you the best possible service!).
    3. Pay your $249 deposit safely via Stripe Payments. Your deposit is deducted from cost of the service tier you select.
    4. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your deposit with instructions of where to send the first 10 pages of your book baby for E A Carter to review.
    5. Book your 30 minute onboarding call. If at the end of the call you do not wish to continue, that’s fine, but your deposit is non-refundable (unless we decide the book is not a good fit for our team, in which case you will be refunded before your call).
    6. If you decide you want to get LitLaunched, then you will need to choose which tier of service you want for your book.
    7. Payment can either be done in full (there are gorgeous goodies for those who do), or over a payment period with a small interest charge.
    8. Once we either receive your first payment, or full payment, you then send your full manuscript to E A Carter and she will begin the first stage of your LitLaunch with your book baby’s developmental edit.
    9. In the meantime, you will receive a full onboarding package (and your goodies if you pay in full), and your meeting with Laurie will be set up so you can start working with her to build your brand, website, and marketing strategy.
    10. The stages then roll out as shown in the 7 Steps to Your Publishing Success Infographic!
    11. In one year or less, your book baby will be professionally LitLaunched. All you need to do is keep writing!


    What kind of writer is LitLaunch best suited for?

    LitLaunch is designed for writers who have struggled to publish their book, whether it’s a novel, non-fiction, or children’s book. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and lost as a writer, our program can help you gain the confidence and skills you need to succeed.

    How long does LitLaunch last?

    LitLaunch is a comprehensive one-year service that includes everything you need to write and publish a knockout book. We provide expert guidance and support every step of the way, from developmental editing to marketing and launch, to ensure that you have the tools, resources, and timeline you need to succeed.

    What kind of support can I expect from LitLaunch ?

    With LitLaunch, you get a team of experts to guide you, keep you accountable and on track until your book is finally published and selling, even if you’ve tried and failed before. We offer in-depth developmental editing, customized marketing plans, and professional cover design and formatting, among other services. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to achieve your publishing goals and become a successful author.

    How much does LitLaunch cost?

    LitLaunch is a white-glove service tailored specifically to your needs and goals, so pricing varies depending on your individual needs. We offer a deposit option to secure your spot, and we’ll work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget. Our service tier packages that last up to two years are here.

    What kind of results can I expect from LitLaunch ?

    LitLaunch helps writers achieve success by finally meeting their publishing goals. Our comprehensive program provides expert guidance and support every step of the way. With LitLaunch, you can expect to hone your manuscript, build a strong author platform, generate interest in your book, and successfully launch and reach a wide audience of readers eager to hear your story.

    Give your book the best.

    Because of the in-depth and comprehensive service we offer our clients, spaces are extremely limited. Deposit* will be deducted from the total price.

    *Deposit is refundable if the team decides the project is not a good fit for their services.

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